Lorton Meteorite Fall: Meteorite Smashes Through Doctors Roof! [VIDEO]

Well, it’s official. The newest meteorite fall in the USA happened on Monday evening on January 18th. A 308g stone chondrite meteorite crashed through the roof and ceiling of a dental office in Lorton VA. This is the first meteorite fall in the USA since the Whetstone Mountains meteorite fall just outside Tucson Arizona last […]

Early Morning Fireball Breaks Up Over Wise County

April 17th 2009 6:30am A Fireball streaked across the sky over Wise county Virginia. The early morning fireball was reported to have broken into two large pieces before extinguishing. Witnesses describe the fireball breaking apart in the sky and falling somewhere near Tacoma, VA according to reports. Witnesses also claim the fireball was at a […]

Meteors Fireballs & Explosions Over SouthEast

Looks like we have another exciting event! Fireballs from the sky, meteors, explosions! Sonic booms and fireball sightings have been reported all over the SouthEast from Maryland to Virgina and last week Georgia had it’s own big boom too. Over Augusta Georgia at around 3 a.m. on the 20th a fireball was sighted followed by […]