2010 AL30: Space Junk or Asteroid?

NASA Confirms that 2010 AL30 is most likely a small asteroid measuring 10-15 meters (30-45 feet). As the update on NASA states there was some doubt as to whether the object was an asteroid. Too bad it’s not going to impact Earth though… It would most likely produce a very nice meteorite strewnfield and would […]

Texas Fireball! Video Update & Reports!

Hundreds of Reports come from all around Dallas Fort Worth, Austin, and Waco Texas about a fireball seen on Feb 15th at around 11am.  Here’s some another video, and eyewitness reports compiled from all over the web. If anyone has any information about this meteor please contact us immediately. REPORT AUSTIN TEXAS FIREBALL HERE: Report […]

Never Touch Meteorites!

Meteorites rusting away… Quick-Rusting Meteorites – Youtube  video shows how important it is to handle meteorites with care and understanding. They’re delicate little things. The should never be touched! No… Never. Unless of course you’re a scientist and wear gloves. Here’s another reason why you should never ever touch a meteorite! Maybe this guy should have […]

UFOs, MIB, Military, Black Helicopters, Fireballs, Meteors & Mystery People

I was searching for info on the Dec 27th Fireball in northern CA, and I found these videos of a report on a fireball seen in Needles, CA. Locals in Needles describe a very weird scenario complete with a UFO, fireball, a crash, military convoy, men in black, black helicopters, and missing people. It appears […]

California Fireball Sightings

   Meteor Fireball There’s been yet another fireball, this time in California. According to SpaceWeather.com here’s and excerpt from the report they’ve written up along with some eye witness accounts. “…I was looking up over our house and what I saw was the most beautiful ball of light I have ever seen!!!! As it came […]