Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine: Meteorite Men Interview

Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine interviews the Meteorite Men. Exclusive show photos, and lots of intriguing questions are asked and answered by Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold of the the Science Channel’s hit show the Meteorite Men. Steve and Geoff open up and answer some tough questions posed by their critics, and they pull no […]

Meteorite Men Season 2 Premiere TONIGHT! [VIDEO]

Meteorite Men Season 2 TONIGHT at 9pm ET/PT on the Science Channel

Meteorite Men: Ash Creek Meteorite Fall, West, Texas

It’s that time again, and regretfully this is the last one for the season. The season finale of the Meteorite Men on Science channel is Wednesday night at 9pm local time. This episode has information and adventure on the West, Texas  fireball which produced the Ash Creek meteorite on February 15th 2009. This meteorite fall […]

Meteorite Men – The Dry Lake Bed!

UPDATE: 10:57pm Feb 17th – Just finished watching the show tonight… I must say I’m quite disappointed. I really expected much more from the show than 500+ meteorites and the tiny 699 gram carbonaceous meteorite which is super rare and only the second one found outside of Antarctica. Hmmmph, that’s nothing… Anyone can find 500 […]

Meteorite Men: Official Science Channel Website [VIDEO]

The Meteorite Men’s official Science Channel website is LIVE! Steve Arnold and Geoff Notkin are the Meteorite Men. They travel the world searching for cosmic treasure that falls from the heavens. They are meteorite hunters. Earlier this week the Science channel unveiled their new website featuring the Meteorite Men TV series and it’s chock full […]

The Meteorite Men Series!

The Meteorite Men are coming! Everyone should run, not walk, to their TIVO and set this show for record. After last years surprise smash hit on May 10th 2009, the Meteorite Men have been busy making 6 new episodes for the coming season starting on January 20th on the Science Channel. The Meteorite Men cable […]

Meteorite Men! Science Channel World Premier 5/10 at 9pm

UPDATE May 11th 2009: The Meteorite Men premier was last night, did you watch it? The adventure comic theme was fabulously thought up and gave a wonderful treasure hunting feel to the show. It’s been a long time coming and meteorite enthusiasts from all over the world have been waiting for a long time for […]