NASA Can’t Explain Strange Spiral in Space [PHOTO]

NASA can’t explain a strange spiral in space. Scientists have yet to discover what caused the strange spiral structure. Nor do they know why it glows. The glow may be caused by light reflected from nearby stars. As for the spiral itself, current supposition is that this is the result of a star in a […]

A “Little” Perspective For Ya…

Hey guys. Ever wonder how big the universe really is? Now, most people know the nine (ahem… eight) planets in our solar system, and they might know a few constellations, where they are located in the night sky and what they are named.  The average person on the street usually knows only the basics of […]

Report A Fireball… Live!

While I was surfing around the web looking for more information on the latest meteor fireballs I noticed it was very hard to find good info on the latest sightings and what you did find wasn’t much more than “I saw a big fireball in the sky” comments. Other than the reports coming from, […]

Asteroid Impact

Great computer generated HD video of an asteroid impacting Earth. Talked about scorched!

California Fireball Sightings

   Meteor Fireball There’s been yet another fireball, this time in California. According to here’s and excerpt from the report they’ve written up along with some eye witness accounts. “…I was looking up over our house and what I saw was the most beautiful ball of light I have ever seen!!!! As it came […]


Welcome To the new and improved I hope you enjoy the new look. A few things have changed. I’ve moved everything around a bit, and made it a bit easier to navigate. Meteorites USA is all about meteorites, meteorite hunting, and meteorite collecting: Anything you want to know about meteorites you’ve come to the […]

How To Find Meteorites

Meteorite Hunting How To Find Meteorites (Revised 2010 Edition) by Eric Wichman Meteorites USA Most people don’t know you can own a meteorite much less find one practically in your own back yard. There’s a very good chance there’s been meteorites found very near where you are right now. There’s been over 50,000 meteorites found […]

11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own A Meteorite!

11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own A Meteorite! by Eric Wichman Below you’ll find a list of reasons why everyone should own a meteorite. (If you have something to add let me know) 1. It’s A Meteorite! – A 100% genuine rock from space. How many people can say they own one? 2. Meteorites Are […]

What is a Meteorite?

What Is A Meteorite? by Eric Wichman If you’ve ever wanted to know what the difference between a meteorite, meteoroid, and meteor is, here are some basic facts in order of appearance.   A meteoroid floats through space until the Earth’s gravity pulls it into our atmosphere. Once it enters our atmosphere it begins to […]

Meteorites Are Cool

  Meteorites are the coolest things on the face of the planet, in my humble opinion. They are space rocks, born in fire and have survived their course of travel through space for millions of years before being pulled through our atmosphere in a spectacular fireball to the Earth’s surface to be found by a […]