From Dust To Dust

We are star dust! From the dust whence we came… For the first time, scientists have discovered a massive star around which exists a huge ring of dust. It’s called a protoplanetary disk and it’s where planets and ultimately how entire solar systems are formed. It’s where life itself starts with the birth of a […]

Planet Formation & Meteorites

Would you believe our planet is made up of meteorites? The Earth is one big conglomeration of space debris collected over billions of years of Solar System formation starting with the birth of our Sun, and the formation of the Protoplanetary Disk around it. In fact every planet that exists is made up of meteorites. […]

A “Little” Perspective For Ya…

Hey guys. Ever wonder how big the universe really is? Now, most people know the nine (ahem… eight) planets in our solar system, and they might know a few constellations, where they are located in the night sky and what they are named.  The average person on the street usually knows only the basics of […]