Report A Fireball… Live!

While I was surfing around the web looking for more information on the latest meteor fireballs I noticed it was very hard to find good info on the latest sightings and what you did find wasn’t much more than “I saw a big fireball in the sky” comments. Other than the reports coming from, […]

UFOs, MIB, Military, Black Helicopters, Fireballs, Meteors & Mystery People

I was searching for info on the Dec 27th Fireball in northern CA, and I found these videos of a report on a fireball seen in Needles, CA. Locals in Needles describe a very weird scenario complete with a UFO, fireball, a crash, military convoy, men in black, black helicopters, and missing people. It appears […]

California Fireball Sightings

   Meteor Fireball There’s been yet another fireball, this time in California. According to here’s and excerpt from the report they’ve written up along with some eye witness accounts. “…I was looking up over our house and what I saw was the most beautiful ball of light I have ever seen!!!! As it came […]


Welcome To the new and improved I hope you enjoy the new look. A few things have changed. I’ve moved everything around a bit, and made it a bit easier to navigate. Meteorites USA is all about meteorites, meteorite hunting, and meteorite collecting: Anything you want to know about meteorites you’ve come to the […]

Stony Iron Meteorites

  Stony Iron Meteorites (Mesosiderite & Pallasite) Stony Iron Meteorites are in a category by themselves. In this category you’ll find Pallasite meteorites, mesosiderites. Pallasites are iron meteorites with large numbers of olivine crystals scattered throughout the nickel iron matrix of the meteorite. Shop Classifieds: Stony Iron  Meteorites For Sale Some pallasites like the Esquel Pallasite, have gem quality […]

Iron Meteorites

Iron (nickel iron) Meteorites – Campo del Cielo & Canyon Diablo: Famous meteorites  Shop Classifieds: Iron Meteorites For Sale Iron meteorites are among some of the most rare on earth. only about 5% of all meteorites that fall to earth are irons. That’s not much considering meteorites are rare to begin with. Scientists believe that iron meteorites are […]

Stone Meteorites

Stone Meteorites From North West Africa (NWA) UNWA – Unclassified (chondrites) Shop Classifieds: Stone Meteorites For Sale  Most NWA material is UNCLASSIFIED meteorites found in the northwest of Africa in the deep reaches of the Sahara Desert. Nomads travel far out across the barren lands to retrieve these specimens off the desert floor and bring them […]