Earth Go Boom!

Most everyone has seen video and movies depicting the destruction of Earth by asteroids. Deep Impact, and Armageddon were two very famous movies produced on this subject. Doomsayers have been predicting an asteroid strike for years.  It’s happened in the past and it one day it will happen again. I for one wasn’t convinced that […]

11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own A Meteorite!

11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own A Meteorite! by Eric Wichman Below you’ll find a list of reasons why everyone should own a meteorite. (If you have something to add let me know) 1. It’s A Meteorite! – A 100% genuine rock from space. How many people can say they own one? 2. Meteorites Are […]

What is a Meteorite?

What Is A Meteorite? by Eric Wichman If you’ve ever wanted to know what the difference between a meteorite, meteoroid, and meteor is, here are some basic facts in order of appearance.   A meteoroid floats through space until the Earth’s gravity pulls it into our atmosphere. Once it enters our atmosphere it begins to […]