Meteorite Men Season 2 Trailer [VIDEO]

Meteorite Men Season 2 starts Tuesday at 9pm EDT/PDT on the Science Channel Check out Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold in the November issue of Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine. MHC Magazine has had the opportunity to interview Geoff and Steve and ask a few questions. More than a few… The guys open up and […]

September Cover: Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine

Here’s the newly released September Cover of Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine. Enjoy…

How Many Meteorites Are In The USA? [MAP]

Ever wondered how many meteorites have been found in the United States? Here’s a MAP that shows them ALL! There are currently (as of the date of this post) 1624 meteorites and 28 impact craters in the USA. The Red (I) shows iron meteorites the White/Green (OC) shows ordinary chondrites, the Blue (CC) shows carbonaceous […]

Planet Formation & Meteorites

Would you believe our planet is made up of meteorites? The Earth is one big conglomeration of space debris collected over billions of years of Solar System formation starting with the birth of our Sun, and the formation of the Protoplanetary Disk around it. In fact every planet that exists is made up of meteorites. […]

Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine: Premier Issue

Attention all meteorite junkies! Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine is now official. We’re a GO for launch. To all Meteorite Enthusiasts, Astronomy Buffs, Scientists & Educators, I’m proud to announce and invite you to take part in the premier of the Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine. This meteorite related magazine is a bi-monthly print magazine […]

Meteorites Bounce! Dispelling The Fiery Impact Myth

A common myth about meteorites impacting Earth as a flaming missile, exploding in a massive fireball rocketing shrapnel pieces for miles around while blasting a huge crater in the ground is just that, a myth. While it’s possible for a large asteroid to hold it’s cosmic velocity all the way to the ground, most meteorites […]

Meteorite Hunting In The USA

There is a debate going on in the USA right now over whether or not it’s ok to hunt meteorites on federal land anymore. Though this is not new information, it seems the increased popularity of meteorites through greater publicity and most probably a greater number of inquiries to the BLM (BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT) […]

Meteorite Hunting Association

Join the Meteorite Hunting Association UPDATE: THE METEORITE HUNTING ASSOCIATION NOW HAS A WEBSITE: —————————————————- “The people for the ethical treatment of meteorites.” PETM? Naaaa… 😉 Point being I’ve proposed this idea to many meteorite hunters and they think it’s a good idea. An organization that works closely with scientists, institutions, universities, labs, museums, […]

Meteorite Men on Astronomy.FM Radio

Join the Meteorite men tonight on Tonight at 9pm EST Skylog: Neutrino News A Sky Full of Stars interview with Science Channel’s Meteorite Men March 06 2010 04:27 UTC | Views: 173 | Comments: 0 Posted by: TonyF in AFM Radio Of Fusion Crusts and Strewn Fields: Science Channel’s Meteorite Men Make an Impact. […]

Meteorite Men: Ash Creek Meteorite Fall, West, Texas

It’s that time again, and regretfully this is the last one for the season. The season finale of the Meteorite Men on Science channel is Wednesday night at 9pm local time. This episode has information and adventure on the West, Texas  fireball which produced the Ash Creek meteorite on February 15th 2009. This meteorite fall […]