Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine: Meteorite Men Interview

Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine interviews the Meteorite Men. Exclusive show photos, and lots of intriguing questions are asked and answered by Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold of the the Science Channel’s hit show the Meteorite Men. Steve and Geoff open up and answer some tough questions posed by their critics, and they pull no […]

Meteorite Men Series Premier: Buzzard Coulee & Whitecourt Crater

The Meteorite Men series premier airs tonight on the Science Channel. Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold are professional meteorite hunters who travel the world hunting for space rocks. The cosmic treasures they find tell us more about the universe we live in and helps us better understand our world. Even cooler, hunting meteorites is an […]

Meteorite Hunting

Meteorite hunting in the United States. Hi Everyone, Welcome To The New And Improved Meteorites USA Like many people today that are curious about meteorites and meteorite hunting you probably want to know where you can find them. Well the quick and dirty answer to that is that you can find them anywhere. Meteorites have […]

Texas Meteorite Expedition: Daily Journal Feb 22-24

West Texas Meteorite Expedition. Here’s an update of the past few days: Feb 21 Day 0: Sick with cold after planning trip and raising funds for expedition. Trip postponed for 24 hrs Feb 22, 10:00 am Day 1: Started out for Texas. Driving non-stop from San Diego, CA. Google maps said 19hrs 48mins. They lied! […]

Texas Meteorite Expedition: Daily Journal

Hi all you crazed meteorite hunters and enthusiasts out there in meteorite land. As we near our fundraising goal I wanted to drop in and say thank you to everyone who has helped thus far. Many of you have surprised us in your support of this adventure and we sincerely appreciate it. This is a […]

Texas! Meteorite Expedition

We’re raising funds for an expedition to Texas by having a huge meteorite sale. Every meteorite we have is on sale here: All sales proceeds go to help fund the meteorite expedition to West, Texas. All help is greatly appreciated! Besides you can’t beat these deals on these gorgeous meteorites.

Merced Meteor Fireball Update 01/04/09

Update: As of Jan 4th 2009 Research Is underway to determine if the Merced meteor fireball impacted the ground in Northern California. Scientists and meteorite hunters are on the trail of it and with new data hope to find signs that it hit. Read the full report. Regarding the Dec 27th 2008 fireball witnessed over […]

Merced Meteor Attracts Meteorite Hunters!

  Update on the Merced Meteor Fireball. Apparently there’s more to this meteor than meets the eye. Many people from all over northern California have reported the Dec 27th 2008 fireball and now meteorite hunter Robert Ward is looking for more info and video footage of this meteor to triangulate the meteors trajectory in the […]


Welcome To the new and improved I hope you enjoy the new look. A few things have changed. I’ve moved everything around a bit, and made it a bit easier to navigate. Meteorites USA is all about meteorites, meteorite hunting, and meteorite collecting: Anything you want to know about meteorites you’ve come to the […]

How To Find Meteorites

Meteorite Hunting How To Find Meteorites (Revised 2010 Edition) by Eric Wichman Meteorites USA Most people don’t know you can own a meteorite much less find one practically in your own back yard. There’s a very good chance there’s been meteorites found very near where you are right now. There’s been over 50,000 meteorites found […]