is LIVE!

We’ve been working very hard over the last year to bring to the meteorite community a brand new and perhaps better venue for collectors and dealers. We’ve asked, interviewed, brainstormed, argued, expanded and contracted ideas with many meteorite dealers and collectors about what the meteorite community really would like to see, and the one thing […]

Meteorites For Sale

Did you know you can buy, sell, trade, collect, hunt and own meteorites? Real rocks from space! Meteorites are higly valuable collectible rocks from space, you can own one and they are readily available on the market. Best of all, you don’t have to be a astronomer or scientist to get your hands on them. Many people […]

How Much Are Meteorites Worth?

Meteorites are worth a lot of money! They are more rare than gold and some are even more valuable than diamonds. Some meteorites are priceless scientific and cultural treasures, and though some meteorites hold this high value, the majority aren’t worth much at all. This seems counter intuitive and doesn’t make much sense does it? […]

Own A Meteorite

Own A Piece Of The Universe! Authentic meteorites… Yes! You can own a meteorite. Most people don’t know that meteorites are readily available to the general public. They’re not just for viewing at museums and college universities either. Anyone can own one, in fact you can even find one possibly in your own back yard. Read […]