New Meteorite Fall In Muzaffarnagar India?

Two “Asteroid” pieces have been found in Karimpur village in India No Photos… Short blurbs… Hot meteorites!??? EXCERPT: “…Two asteroids, which are believed to be pieces of a bigger meteor, have been found at Karimpur village in the district here.The small asteroids were found in the compound of Shyambir, a villager, yesterday. “Two small […]

Fireball, Explosion & Big BOOM Might Have Been Meteorite: Geelong Australia

A huge explosion and shower of debris sparks a theory that this event could be a meteorite dropping fireball. Here’s an excerpt from an article published in the Geelong Advertiser. The report also states that a resident in the area said “ sounded like a rock had been thrown at their kitchen window…” “…David Van […]

Daylight Fireball Over Rottnest Island Australia: Photo

May 10th 2009 Here’s an interesting fireball. This is an unidentified fireball. Meaning that it’s not clear whether this is space debris, a plane, or a meteor fireball.  It’s very cool nonetheless. This fireball was sighted and photographed by Paul Weaver after he received a call from his daughter who had been cruising in her […]

Merced Meteor Fireball Update: Possible Meteorite Found 04/20/09

As of April 22nd 2009 we’re still investigating this event. On April 20th I was contacted by a man claiming to have a possible meteorite from the Merced Fireball which happened at around 3am Dec 27th 2008. Meteorite hunters and scientists have scoured the area and compiled much data on this event, however no one […]

Early Morning Fireball Breaks Up Over Wise County

April 17th 2009 6:30am A Fireball streaked across the sky over Wise county Virginia. The early morning fireball was reported to have broken into two large pieces before extinguishing. Witnesses describe the fireball breaking apart in the sky and falling somewhere near Tacoma, VA according to reports. Witnesses also claim the fireball was at a […]

Texas Meteorite Expedition: Daily Journal Feb 22-24

West Texas Meteorite Expedition. Here’s an update of the past few days: Feb 21 Day 0: Sick with cold after planning trip and raising funds for expedition. Trip postponed for 24 hrs Feb 22, 10:00 am Day 1: Started out for Texas. Driving non-stop from San Diego, CA. Google maps said 19hrs 48mins. They lied! […]

Texas Meteorite Expedition: Daily Journal

Hi all you crazed meteorite hunters and enthusiasts out there in meteorite land. As we near our fundraising goal I wanted to drop in and say thank you to everyone who has helped thus far. Many of you have surprised us in your support of this adventure and we sincerely appreciate it. This is a […]

Meteorites Found In West Texas!

METEORITES ARE ON THE GROUND IN WEST TEXAS! In a small town North of Waco Texas, scientists from the University of North Texas and some lucky meteorite meteorite hunters have found meteorites from Feb 15ths Fireball in the sky. There was a giant explosion that sent one local farmer scrambling for cover under his barn […]

Merced Meteor Fireball Update 01/04/09

Update: As of Jan 4th 2009 Research Is underway to determine if the Merced meteor fireball impacted the ground in Northern California. Scientists and meteorite hunters are on the trail of it and with new data hope to find signs that it hit. Read the full report. Regarding the Dec 27th 2008 fireball witnessed over […]

WANTED: Buzzard Coulee Meteorite Photos

Got photos of the Buzzard Coulee meteorite? Contact me and let me know. Read the excerpt below for more info on this historically huge meteorite fall in Canada. “…A University of Calgary-organized team recovered more than one hundred meteorites from the November 20 meteorite fall southwest of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan/Alberta, which is expected to set a […]