Meteorite Impact Crater in Mexico?

Reports are coming in that there has been a meteorite impact 100 miles NorthEast of Mexico City. It’s also been reported that authorities have cordoned off the area. Discover Magazine’s Bad Astronomy Blog has a report Mexican Meteorite Crater? Below is an excerpt from that report. “…Reports are a bit sketchy right now, but apparently […]

Meteorite Men Series Premier: Buzzard Coulee & Whitecourt Crater

The Meteorite Men series premier airs tonight on the Science Channel. Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold are professional meteorite hunters who travel the world hunting for space rocks. The cosmic treasures they find tell us more about the universe we live in and helps us better understand our world. Even cooler, hunting meteorites is an […]

Canyon Diablo Iron Meteorites

This Canyon Diablo meteorite is my second favorite in my collection. I own a few but this one is very nice indeed. It’s sculptured shape make it especially fantastic. I kept this one natural for some time, but after having it in my collection for a while I decided to clean it. Some people would […]