Flagstaff Fireball: Impact?

May 2nd UPDATE: After days of exhaustive research, interviews, reports and countless phone calls I believe we’re closing in on the possible fall location. We’ve received many reports via our fireball report hotline at 904-236-5394 and many people have sent us email describing their experience of this exciting event. The reports generally suggest that this […]

Asteroid Impact

Great computer generated HD video of an asteroid impacting Earth. Talked about scorched!

California Fireball: New Meteorite Fall?

Dec 27th 2008 There was an intensely bright and spectactular fireball seen in the northern California skys. Some reports of a huge fireworks like show with bright green blue gold and white flashes of light. The fireball “blew outwords into a perfect big green circle that formed around the ball” according to¬†Erika Knorn of Merced […]