Lorton Meteorite: “Star” War! Not a Legal Battle

The Lorton Meteorite ownership battle is heating up like the big finale in Star Wars. Except this “star war” is over a little black rock! In my opinion this whole issue is moot. This meteorite ownership fight is becoming more of a PR war than a legal battle. Yet the war rages on in the […]

Meteorite Men: Ash Creek Meteorite Fall, West, Texas

It’s that time again, and regretfully this is the last one for the season. The season finale of the Meteorite Men on Science channel is Wednesday night at 9pm local time. This episode has information and adventure on the West, Texas  fireball which produced the Ash Creek meteorite on February 15th 2009. This meteorite fall […]

Lorton Meteorite Fall: Meteorite Smashes Through Doctors Roof! [VIDEO]

Well, it’s official. The newest meteorite fall in the USA happened on Monday evening on January 18th. A 308g stone chondrite meteorite crashed through the roof and ceiling of a dental office in Lorton VA. This is the first meteorite fall in the USA since the Whetstone Mountains meteorite fall just outside Tucson Arizona last […]