Wisconsin Meteorite Strewnfield [Map] “Mifflin”

After much work and the combined efforts of countless meteorite hunters, collectors, dealers and scientist’s data. The Wisconsin Meteorite Strewnfield Map is done (more coordinates will be added as they come in). This is a work in progress. AUTHORS NOTE: Do not hunt on landowners land without gaining permission to hunt FIRST! Disclaimer: Don’t use […]

Meteorites Everywhere! Meteorite Hunting in Livingston Wisconsin

Meteorites everywhere! The MASSIVE fireball on Wednesday last week on April 14th dropped lots of meteorites on the ground near Livingston WI. Meteorite hunters from all over the country have flocked to the area in search of meteorites. Many of my friends are there now and they’re finding meteorites. I’m on my way, and hope […]

Merced Meteor Fireball Update: Possible Meteorite Found 04/20/09

As of April 22nd 2009 we’re still investigating this event. On April 20th I was contacted by a man claiming to have a possible meteorite from the Merced Fireball which happened at around 3am Dec 27th 2008. Meteorite hunters and scientists have scoured the area and compiled much data on this event, however no one […]