Meteorite Men! Science Channel World Premier 5/10 at 9pm

UPDATE May 11th 2009: The Meteorite Men premier was last night, did you watch it? The adventure comic theme was fabulously thought up and gave a wonderful treasure hunting feel to the show. It’s been a long time coming and meteorite enthusiasts from all over the world have been waiting for a long time for […]

Glorieta Goddess Meteorite:

Great video of Robert Ward and Shauna Russel finding a huge Glorieta Siderite meteorite. Over 50 Kilos! With him on the hunt, Dave Gheesling, Greg Hupe, and Mike Farmer. VIDEO: Robert Ward’s Site: Iron From The Sky – Dave Gheesling’s Site: – Mike Farmer’s Site: – Greg Hupe’s Site: […] is LIVE!

We’ve been working very hard over the last year to bring to the meteorite community a brand new and perhaps better venue for collectors and dealers. We’ve asked, interviewed, brainstormed, argued, expanded and contracted ideas with many meteorite dealers and collectors about what the meteorite community really would like to see, and the one thing […]