What is a Meteorite Strewnfield?

What is A Meteorite Strewnfield? To understand what a meteorite strewn field is you must first understand what a meteorite is and how it ends up on the Earth. Meteorites are fragments of asteroids and meteoroids which have impacted the Earth. This debris, at one time was floating around the solar system orbiting the Sun. […]

The Meteorite Men Series!

The Meteorite Men are coming! Everyone should run, not walk, to their TIVO and set this show for record. After last years surprise smash hit on May 10th 2009, the Meteorite Men have been busy making 6 new episodes for the coming season starting on January 20th on the Science Channel. The Meteorite Men cable […]

Texas Meteorite Expedition: Daily Journal

Hi all you crazed meteorite hunters and enthusiasts out there in meteorite land. As we near our fundraising goal I wanted to drop in and say thank you to everyone who has helped thus far. Many of you have surprised us in your support of this adventure and we sincerely appreciate it. This is a […]

How To Find Meteorites

Meteorite Hunting How To Find Meteorites (Revised 2010 Edition) by Eric Wichman Meteorites USA Most people don’t know you can own a meteorite much less find one practically in your own back yard. There’s a very good chance there’s been meteorites found very near where you are right now. There’s been over 50,000 meteorites found […]