Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine: Meteorite Men Interview

Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine interviews the Meteorite Men. Exclusive show photos, and lots of intriguing questions are asked and answered by Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold of the the Science Channel’s hit show the Meteorite Men. Steve and Geoff open up and answer some tough questions posed by their critics, and they pull no […]

Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine Digital Edition FREE [DOWNLOAD]

The Digital Edition of Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine is now FREE! Sign up for free access to the world famous meteorite related magazine where you’ll learn where meteorites come from, how they got here, how to find meteorites, and how to collect and preserve them for future generations. Best of all is the awe […]

Count Finds 28lb Nevada Meteorite!

Over the last 3 years I’ve had the priveledge of meeting and hunting with some of the worlds most professional and influential meteorite hunters. I call many of them friends and have gained a great respect and admiration for those that are able to “get out there” and hunt for meteorites in the heat of […]

Meteorite Men – The Dry Lake Bed!

UPDATE: 10:57pm Feb 17th – Just finished watching the show tonight… I must say I’m quite disappointed. I really expected much more from the show than 500+ meteorites and the tiny 699 gram carbonaceous meteorite which is super rare and only the second one found outside of Antarctica. Hmmmph, that’s nothing… Anyone can find 500 […]

Meteorite Men Series Premier: Buzzard Coulee & Whitecourt Crater

The Meteorite Men series premier airs tonight on the Science Channel. Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold are professional meteorite hunters who travel the world hunting for space rocks. The cosmic treasures they find tell us more about the universe we live in and helps us better understand our world. Even cooler, hunting meteorites is an […]

Meteorite Hunting

Meteorite hunting in the United States. Hi Everyone, Welcome To The New And Improved Meteorites USA Like many people today that are curious about meteorites and meteorite hunting you probably want to know where you can find them. Well the quick and dirty answer to that is that you can find them anywhere. Meteorites have […]

How To Find Meteorites

Meteorite Hunting How To Find Meteorites (Revised 2010 Edition) by Eric Wichman Meteorites USA Most people don’t know you can own a meteorite much less find one practically in your own back yard. There’s a very good chance there’s been meteorites found very near where you are right now. There’s been over 50,000 meteorites found […]