Huge Fireball Seen Across 6 States [VIDEO]

Meteorites Wanted

We might have our first meteorite fall of 2011! You know, sometimes it’s just too good to be true… What are the chances a meteorite falls on 1/1/11 just a mere couple weeks before the Tucson show? ūüėČ Is it possible. Looks like this might be a meteorite fall… Too many reports of fragmentation and […]

Mississippi Meteor – The Bunkie Bolide

Well folks, we have another great prospect for a new USA meteorite fall! Reports are coming in that say a possible meteorite may have impacted in Louisiana! A large fireball was witnessed from several states including Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana. We’re of course investigating and will have updates as they come in. Below are some […]

Report A Fireball!

Have you seen a meteor fireball? Report it here. To Report A Fireball Sighting: Fill out the form below and click SEND. Someone from Meteorites USA will be in contact with you shortly. Clicking SEND will post the report info immediatly to the site in REAL TIME. If there’s info you don’t wish to be […]

Fireball, Explosion & Big BOOM Might Have Been Meteorite: Geelong Australia

A huge explosion and shower of debris sparks a theory that this event could be a meteorite dropping fireball. Here’s an excerpt from an article published in the Geelong Advertiser. The report also states that a resident in the area said “ sounded like a rock had been thrown at their kitchen window…” “…David Van […]

Mystery Fireball In Tahlequah-Cherokee County OK: Zeb Area

May 7th 10:30am PST UPDATE: We’ve located an eyewitness to the event. They report that it was a “ball of fire in the air” and that it “moving downward” at a 45 degree angle and seemed to “slow and drop off steeply” at about a 75 degree angle during the last part of the event. […]

Fireball In The Night Sky Over North Florida: Jacksonville

April 7th between 9:30 and 9:45pm (EST) Another fireball in the North Florida southern Georgia area! ¬†Tuesday night residents from Waycross Georgia to Crescent Beach Florida experienced a rare event. A huge fireball lasting more than 5 seconds was sighted by numerous people over the area. Reports are sketchy and still coming in.¬†REPORT THE FIREBALL […]

Daytime Fireball over Austin, Texas – February 15 2009 – VIDEO

      Youtube video shows fireball over Austin, TX Feb 15th 2009. Great video. Anyone having more info on this fireball should report their eyewitness account here. Report A Fireball Sighting

Meteor Fireball In New England

Dec 29th 2008 Fireball! Looks like the year is going out with a meteoric bang. There’s been multiple significant fireball sightings over the last few days and the one in New England looks to have even more eye witnesses than the last one in northern California. Don’t forget about the new Meteorite Fall in Canada […]