Asteroids Meteoroids Meteors & Meteorites

What’s the difference between asteroids, meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites? Well if you don’t know you’re not alone. Many people confuse them and use the terms interchangeably when in fact they aren’t all the same at all. In it’s simplest form an asteroid is BIG, a meteoroid is smaller, meteors are flaming meteoroids as they are […]

A “Little” Perspective For Ya…

Hey guys. Ever wonder how big the universe really is? Now, most people know the nine (ahem… eight) planets in our solar system, and they might know a few constellations, where they are located in the night sky and what they are named.  The average person on the street usually knows only the basics of […]

Earth Go Boom!

Most everyone has seen video and movies depicting the destruction of Earth by asteroids. Deep Impact, and Armageddon were two very famous movies produced on this subject. Doomsayers have been predicting an asteroid strike for years.  It’s happened in the past and it one day it will happen again. I for one wasn’t convinced that […]

Asteroid Impact

Great computer generated HD video of an asteroid impacting Earth. Talked about scorched!

Iron Meteorites

Iron (nickel iron) Meteorites – Campo del Cielo & Canyon Diablo: Famous meteorites  Shop Classifieds: Iron Meteorites For Sale Iron meteorites are among some of the most rare on earth. only about 5% of all meteorites that fall to earth are irons. That’s not much considering meteorites are rare to begin with. Scientists believe that iron meteorites are […]

Meteorites Are Cool

  Meteorites are the coolest things on the face of the planet, in my humble opinion. They are space rocks, born in fire and have survived their course of travel through space for millions of years before being pulled through our atmosphere in a spectacular fireball to the Earth’s surface to be found by a […]