Jupiter Smashed! [VIDEO & PHOTO]

Earth is saved! Again… It seems our Grandfather planet Jupiter has saved Earth from certain annihilation yet again. An invisible threat made itself visible on June 3rd when a rogue asteroid slammed into Jupiter and created a brilliant explosion visible from the relative safety of our own home planet. At 20:31:29 on June 3rd, 2010 […]

Meteorite Men Series Premier: Buzzard Coulee & Whitecourt Crater

The Meteorite Men series premier airs tonight on the Science Channel. Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold are professional meteorite hunters who travel the world hunting for space rocks. The cosmic treasures they find tell us more about the universe we live in and helps us better understand our world. Even cooler, hunting meteorites is an […]

Canyon Diablo Iron Meteorites

This Canyon Diablo meteorite is my second favorite in my collection. I own a few but this one is very nice indeed. It’s sculptured shape make it especially fantastic. I kept this one natural for some time, but after having it in my collection for a while I decided to clean it. Some people would […]

California Fireball Sightings

   Meteor Fireball There’s been yet another fireball, this time in California. According to SpaceWeather.com here’s and excerpt from the report they’ve written up along with some eye witness accounts. “…I was looking up over our house and what I saw was the most beautiful ball of light I have ever seen!!!! As it came […]

Iron Meteorites

Iron (nickel iron) Meteorites – Campo del Cielo & Canyon Diablo: Famous meteorites  Shop Classifieds: Iron Meteorites For Sale Iron meteorites are among some of the most rare on earth. only about 5% of all meteorites that fall to earth are irons. That’s not much considering meteorites are rare to begin with. Scientists believe that iron meteorites are […]