Meteorite Men! Science Channel World Premier 5/10 at 9pm

UPDATE May 11th 2009: The Meteorite Men premier was last night, did you watch it? The adventure comic theme was fabulously thought up and gave a wonderful treasure hunting feel to the show. It’s been a long time coming and meteorite enthusiasts from all over the world have been waiting for a long time for […]

Texas Meteorite Expedition: 6.7g Meteorite Find!

Feb 25th: Texas Meteorite Expedition: Day 4 First Meteorite Found! After much researching, searching, collaborating, driving, and some luck, ten days after a meteorite fell to Earth in West Texas I found my first piece of the newest known meteorite fall in the world!It’s a nice little fragment of this beautiful chondrite. Gorgeously fresh fusion […]

Meteorites Found In West Texas!

METEORITES ARE ON THE GROUND IN WEST TEXAS! In a small town North of Waco Texas, scientists from the University of North Texas and some lucky meteorite meteorite hunters have found meteorites from Feb 15ths Fireball in the sky. There was a giant explosion that sent one local farmer scrambling for cover under his barn […] is LIVE!

We’ve been working very hard over the last year to bring to the meteorite community a brand new and perhaps better venue for collectors and dealers. We’ve asked, interviewed, brainstormed, argued, expanded and contracted ideas with many meteorite dealers and collectors about what the meteorite community really would like to see, and the one thing […]

How Much Are Meteorites Worth?

Meteorites are worth a lot of money! They are more rare than gold and some are even more valuable than diamonds. Some meteorites are priceless scientific and cultural treasures, and though some meteorites hold this high value, the majority aren’t worth much at all. This seems counter intuitive and doesn’t make much sense does it? […]

What is a Meteorite?

What Is A Meteorite? by Eric Wichman If you’ve ever wanted to know what the difference between a meteorite, meteoroid, and meteor is, here are some basic facts in order of appearance.   A meteoroid floats through space until the Earth’s gravity pulls it into our atmosphere. Once it enters our atmosphere it begins to […]

Hunting The Gold Basin & Franconia Strewnfields

Hunting The Gold Basin & Franconia Strewnfields 2 Days, 2 Strewn Fields, 2 Meteorites January 19th & 20th 2008 by Eric Wichman         Wow! That’s all I can say. What a great meteorite hunting adventure! My girlfriend Jaime and I took a trip out to Arizona to hunt for meteorites in the Franconia and Gold Basin […]

Stony Iron Meteorites

  Stony Iron Meteorites (Mesosiderite & Pallasite) Stony Iron Meteorites are in a category by themselves. In this category you’ll find Pallasite meteorites, mesosiderites. Pallasites are iron meteorites with large numbers of olivine crystals scattered throughout the nickel iron matrix of the meteorite. Shop Classifieds: Stony Iron  Meteorites For Sale Some pallasites like the Esquel Pallasite, have gem quality […]

Stone Meteorites

Stone Meteorites From North West Africa (NWA) UNWA – Unclassified (chondrites) Shop Classifieds: Stone Meteorites For Sale  Most NWA material is UNCLASSIFIED meteorites found in the northwest of Africa in the deep reaches of the Sahara Desert. Nomads travel far out across the barren lands to retrieve these specimens off the desert floor and bring them […]

Meteorites Are Cool

  Meteorites are the coolest things on the face of the planet, in my humble opinion. They are space rocks, born in fire and have survived their course of travel through space for millions of years before being pulled through our atmosphere in a spectacular fireball to the Earth’s surface to be found by a […]