FIREBALL SIGHTING: Meteor Streaks Across Southern California!

A big fireball was seen over southern California last night be science school teacher Doug Peltz from Irvine CA. A good sign there may be material on the ground is that Peltz actually heard a crackling sound as it flew over. One witness stated he saw it all the way from Las Vegas. 9 other […]

California Fireball: New Meteorite Fall?

Dec 27th 2008 There was an intensely bright and spectactular fireball seen in the northern California skys. Some reports of a huge fireworks like show with bright green blue gold and white flashes of light. The fireball “blew outwords into a perfect big green circle that formed around the ball” according to Erika Knorn of Merced […]

California Fireball Sightings

   Meteor Fireball There’s been yet another fireball, this time in California. According to here’s and excerpt from the report they’ve written up along with some eye witness accounts. “…I was looking up over our house and what I saw was the most beautiful ball of light I have ever seen!!!! As it came […]