Mississippi Meteor – The Bunkie Bolide

Well folks, we have another great prospect for a new USA meteorite fall! Reports are coming in that say a possible meteorite may have impacted in Louisiana! A large fireball was witnessed from several states including Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana. We’re of course investigating and will have updates as they come in. Below are some […]

Daylight Fireball Over Rottnest Island Australia: Photo

May 10th 2009 Here’s an interesting fireball. This is an unidentified fireball. Meaning that it’s not clear whether this is space debris, a plane, or a meteor fireball.  It’s very cool nonetheless. This fireball was sighted and photographed by Paul Weaver after he received a call from his daughter who had been cruising in her […]

Flagstaff Fireball: Impact?

May 2nd UPDATE: After days of exhaustive research, interviews, reports and countless phone calls I believe we’re closing in on the possible fall location. We’ve received many reports via our fireball report hotline at 904-236-5394 and many people have sent us email describing their experience of this exciting event. The reports generally suggest that this […]

Meteor Fireball In New England

Dec 29th 2008 Fireball! Looks like the year is going out with a meteoric bang. There’s been multiple significant fireball sightings over the last few days and the one in New England looks to have even more eye witnesses than the last one in northern California. Don’t forget about the new Meteorite Fall in Canada […]

Merced Meteor Attracts Meteorite Hunters!

  Update on the Merced Meteor Fireball. Apparently there’s more to this meteor than meets the eye. Many people from all over northern California have reported the Dec 27th 2008 fireball and now meteorite hunter Robert Ward is looking for more info and video footage of this meteor to triangulate the meteors trajectory in the […]

California Fireball: New Meteorite Fall?

Dec 27th 2008 There was an intensely bright and spectactular fireball seen in the northern California skys. Some reports of a huge fireworks like show with bright green blue gold and white flashes of light. The fireball “blew outwords into a perfect big green circle that formed around the ball” according to Erika Knorn of Merced […]

Canada’s Fireball

It’s a fireball! A huge meteor exploded over western Canada last month and there have been over 130 pieces found thus far with one peice weighing in at an enormous 30 pounds. So far total known weight to have been recovered is around 40 kilos according to this news site . Unfortunately us American’s or any other […]

What is a Meteorite?

What Is A Meteorite? by Eric Wichman If you’ve ever wanted to know what the difference between a meteorite, meteoroid, and meteor is, here are some basic facts in order of appearance.   A meteoroid floats through space until the Earth’s gravity pulls it into our atmosphere. Once it enters our atmosphere it begins to […]