NWA 7874 – Eucrite

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New Eucrite: NWA 7874 a very fine grained, equilibrated eucrite (TKW = 873g)

Physical characteristics: Single stone, shiny black fusion crust, saw cut reveals fresh, light-gray, fine-grained groundmass.

Petrography: (C. Agee, UNM) Microprobe examination of a polished mount shows a protogranular texture with ~50% pyroxene and 45% plagioclase, grain size 10-100 μm, many pyroxenes with exsolution lamellae. Accessory silica, ilmenite, and chromite.

Geochemistry: (C. Agee and L. Burkemper, UNM) Low Ca-pyroxene Fs60.6±1.7Wo3.0±1.9, Fe/Mn=33±1, n=14; high-Ca pyroxene Fs27.6±0.6 Wo42.3±0.8, Fe/Mn=34±1; n=7; plagioclase Or0.5±0.0Ab10.9±0.5An88.7±0.5, n=3.

Classification: Achondrite (Eucrite). Equilibrated main group eucrite.

Notes from Dr. Carl Agee: NWA 7874 is a fine grained basalt, thus quickly cooled. It is not considered monomict because it’s texture isn’t dominated by brecciation. It is not considered cumulate either based on the pyroxene compositions which are highly equilibrated, probably due to a second heating like metamorphism.

NWA7874 closeup NWA7874-pics001LR


Additional Photos: Crust and closeup of surface

photo 1-7874   photo 8-7874

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All full slices are mostly to almost completely crusted. Click on images below to view the full size image.

Partial Slice #1: 3.0g, 38mm x 18mm x 2.5mm

IMG_2425   IMG_2423


Full Slice #2: 32.5g, 85mm x 65mm x 3mm

IMG_2433   IMG_2435   IMG_2436


Full Slice #3: 26.9g, 83mm x 59mm x 2.8mm

IMG_2448   IMG_2449   IMG_2450



Full Slice #4: 16.6g, 71mm x 48mm x 2.5mm – SOLD

IMG_2439   IMG_2438



Slice #5: 27.3g, 84mm x 58mm x 2.4mm

IMG_2440   IMG_2442


Slice #6: 17.9g, 84mm x 63mm x 2.0mm

IMG_2444   IMG_2443


Slice #7: 28.1g, 86mm x 60mm x 3.0mm
Note: There is a VERY shallow cut on the back of the slice that is maybe 0.1mm deep. Does not in any way affect structural integrity of the slice with normal handling.

IMG_2445   IMG_2446