2010 AL30: Space Junk or Asteroid?

NASA Confirms that 2010 AL30 is most likely a small asteroid measuring 10-15 meters (30-45 feet). As the update on NASA states there was some doubt as to whether the object was an asteroid. Too bad it’s not going to impact Earth though… It would most likely produce a very nice meteorite strewnfield and would […]

What is a Meteorite Strewnfield?

What is A Meteorite Strewnfield? To understand what a meteorite strewn field is you must first understand what a meteorite is and how it ends up on the Earth. Meteorites are fragments of asteroids and meteoroids which have impacted the Earth. This debris, at one time was floating around the solar system orbiting the Sun. […]

Meteorite Identification – How To Identify A Meteorite

To understand how to identify a meteorite you must first know the types of meteorites there are. There is a set of identifying characteristics that most meteorites exhibit that will aid in identification. Typically most meteorites contain iron and tend to be magnetic. They are usually heavier and much more dense than ordinary terrestrial stones […]

Asteroids Meteoroids Meteors & Meteorites

What’s the difference between asteroids, meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites? Well if you don’t know you’re not alone. Many people confuse them and use the terms interchangeably when in fact they aren’t all the same at all. In it’s simplest form an asteroid is BIG, a meteoroid is smaller, meteors are flaming meteoroids as they are […]

Gold Basin Meteorite Hunt – Mr Meteorite! Ruben Garcia

Ruben Garcia & Son just had a successful trip to the Gold Basin meteorite strewnfield. See the photos below on the wonderful Gold Basin meteorites they collected. 355 grams in all. Two of the fragments fit together… Wow! Great work guys! The Gold Basin meteorite strewnfield is located in northern Arizona about 45 minutes north […]

Meteorite Hunting

Meteorite hunting in the United States. Hi Everyone, Welcome To The New And Improved Meteorites USA Like many people today that are curious about meteorites and meteorite hunting you probably want to know where you can find them. Well the quick and dirty answer to that is that you can find them anywhere. Meteorites have […]

Meteorites USA

Meteorites In The United States Coming Soon! REGISTER NOW A Google Earth Map of all meteorites found and classified in the United States, complete with links, classification types, and coordinates of the meteorite falls and finds. Data will be added over time and are searchable on the Meteoritical Bulletin’s website for more information. Meteorites USA

New Meteorite Fall In Muzaffarnagar India?

Two “Asteroid” pieces have been found in Karimpur village in India No Photos… Short blurbs… Hot meteorites!??? http://www.indopia.in/India-usa-uk-news/latest-news/579540/Science/9/20/9 EXCERPT: “…Two asteroids, which are believed to be pieces of a bigger meteor, have been found at Karimpur village in the district here.The small asteroids were found in the compound of Shyambir, a villager, yesterday. “Two small […]

Fireball, Explosion & Big BOOM Might Have Been Meteorite: Geelong Australia

A huge explosion and shower of debris sparks a theory that this event could be a meteorite dropping fireball. Here’s an excerpt from an article published in the Geelong Advertiser. The report also states that a resident in the area said “..it sounded like a rock had been thrown at their kitchen window…” “…David Van […]

Daylight Fireball Over Rottnest Island Australia: Photo

May 10th 2009 Here’s an interesting fireball. This is an unidentified fireball. Meaning that it’s not clear whether this is space debris, a plane, or a meteor fireball.  It’s very cool nonetheless. This fireball was sighted and photographed by Paul Weaver after he received a call from his daughter who had been cruising in her […]