Meteorites For Sale: Own an authentic rock from space!

AsteroidEver wanted to own a meteorite? You can. It’s easy. There are many trusted meteorite dealers all across the internet that have quality meteorites for sale. These dealers sell authentic rocks from space authenticated by science and classified by type.

Meteorites are remnants left over from the formation of our solar system. Basically they are pieces of asteroids and comets that have impacted Earth. They are valuable both monetarily and scientifically, and hold within them the secrets of the universe. Literally. Scientists have even discovered the building blocks of DNA (amino acids) within some rare type carbonaceous meteorites.

There are 3 main types of meteorites. Stone, Iron, and Stony Iron. Each has it’s place in science, and collectible desirability in private and public collections worldwide.

Meteorites are not reserved just for scientists and elite intellectuals, or even the rich. There are thousands meteorites for sale available to you for purchase from a large array of trusted meteorite dealers all over the world.

To hold in your hand a piece of our solar system that’s older than the Earth itself is experience like none other. Meteorites are pieces of rock that transcends all life and philosophy, and that helped form our planet.There is no other experience quite like it.

Own a meteorite today and check out all the great meteorite dealers listed below.

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List of online Meteorite Dealers:

Aerolite Meteorites
Arizone Skies Meteorites
Astronomical Research Network
Avatar Meteorites
Bavarian Meteorite Laboratory
California/Nevada Meteorite-Recovery Lab
Carion Minerals
CK Minerals & Meteorites
Comet Meteorite Shop
Cosmic Cutlery
The Earth’s Memory LLC
ELKK Meteorites
Edwin Thompson Meteorites
Francesco Moser
Galactic Stone & Ironworks
Haberer Meteorite
Historic Meteorites
The Hupe Collection
Jensen Meteorites
Labenee Meteorites
Lang’s Fossils & Meteorites
The Macovich Collection
Mare Meteoritics
Megalith – Moldavites, Tektites and Impactites Worldwide
The Meteorite Exchange, Inc.
The Meteorite Exchange Network
Meteorite Labels (Specimen Identification)
Meteorite Market
Meteorite Recon
The Meteorite Shop
Meteorite Treasures
Michael Blood Meteorites
Michael Farmer Meteorites
Mile High Meteorites
Mirko Graul Meteorites
Mo’s Meteorites
Moldavites & Meteorites
Montana Meteorite Laboratory
Nakhla Dog Meteorites
New England Meteoritical Services
Out of a Blue Sky
Outer Space Rocks
Pani Meteorites
Planetbrey Meteorites
Rocks From Heaven
Rocks On Fire
Sahara Meteorites Prospecting
Sahara-nayzak Meteorites
Sergey Vasiliev – SV-meteorites
SkyFall Meteorites –
Southwest Meteorite Laboratory
Spacerocks UK
Space Rocks, Inc.
The Tektite Source

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