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About Me

My name is Mendy Ouzillou. I’ve been a meteorite hunter and collector since October 2011. I hunt, collect, buy, sell, trade, and study meteorites.

Meteorites USA is all about meteorites, meteorite hunting, meteorite collecting and meteorite science: Want to know how to find a meteorite? How about where meteorites are located? Do you think you’ve found a meteorite? These are all questions that can be answered here on MeteoritesUSA.com. This site is designed with the beginner and intermediate meteorite enthusiast in mind. It also includes some advanced meteorite information provided by veterans of the meteorite hunting world.

Links and Categories
Each category of the site has information on meteorites and links to other area of the site to further your knowledge in the field. The Iron Meteorites category for example, has information on iron meteorites with links to my meteorites for sale page where you can browse and purchase meteorites of all kinds. You’ll find a meteorite links page where you can add your own meteorite related website if you have one, or if you know of one that’s not already listed here, I welcome any link to any website that’s related to astroomy, meteorites and their study.

There’s lots of informative meteorite articles on Meteorites USA for you to read and learn all kinds of interesting facts about meteorites, where they’re from and how they got here. There’s articles on meteorite hunting, collecting, identification, and a good article on how much meteorites are worth

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I’m just a regular person just like you. I work, have hobbies, love video games, movies, good food, and having fun. My favorite thing to do is research and learn more about meteorite hunting and collecting. It’s really a vicious cycle, but if you think it’s one you might like to be a part of by all means join in the fun. I’m easily reachable and will help you with whatever I can. All you have to do is ask. Be sure to check out the meteorites for sale page too.

The Popularity Of Meteorites

Meteorites are ever increasing in popularity. Over the last few years more and more people are realizing the potential of meteorites. Intrinsically speaking meteorites are one of the very few things on this planet that ALL people can relate to. I don’t know anyone that isn’t fascinated by a meteorite once they hold one in their hand. There’s something about meteorites that just make you “want” to hold it, and it give you some sense of secret knowledge that only you know when you hold it. Besides that, meteorites are just plain cool! They’re from space!

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Meteorites As Art
Many people view meteorites with an artistic eye. Meteorites are beautiful pieces of art from space and some sell for massive amounts of money. As meteorites grow in popularity so will this area of the industry. Bonhams’ New York natural history auctions off meteorites for as much as $105,000.00. This is a huge amount of money for a rock from space.

The Demand For Meteorites Is High
As the popularity of meteorites grows, so too does the price. The are only so many meteorites on the planet, as more and more people buy meteorites, the supply will dwindle, demand will grow and the price for your average iron, or pallasite meteorite will rise substantially. These treasured rocks from space are highly sought after by collectors and dealers alike and the price is only going to rise as more and more people buy them up.