What is a Meteorite Strewnfield?

What is A Meteorite Strewnfield? To understand what a meteorite strewn field is you must first understand what a meteorite is and how it ends up on the Earth. Meteorites are fragments of asteroids and meteoroids which have impacted the Earth. This debris, at one time was floating around the solar system orbiting the Sun. […]

NWA 4478 Lodranite: mystery rainbow feature

Mystery solved: UPDATE (7/28/2012):  After receiving my new microscope, I was able to view the area at much higher magnification.  I very carefully used an X-Acto knife to gently scrape the area and the film causing the rainbow does come off.  There appears to be a thin film of something on the specimen (reminds me […]

Possible missing link between HED (Howardite, Eucrite, Diogenite) meteorite group and mesosiderites

John Higgins (IMCA member 9822) recently sent out an email on April 14, 2012 to announce the availability of a new meteorite, NWA 6953 (provisional).  Here is what he had to say: “Northwest Africa 6953 is an interesting new mesosiderite whose unique nature is a result of its composition and the collective effects of long-term […]

Meteorites For Sale: Own an authentic rock from space!


Ever wanted to own a meteorite? You can. It’s easy. There are many trusted meteorite dealers all across the internet that have quality meteorites for sale. These dealers sell authentic rocks from space authenticated by science and classified by type. Meteorites are remnants left over from the formation of our solar system. Basically they are […]

Meteorite Men Show

Such a long wait for a short show. Last year the Meteorite Men, Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold, hit it big time with their brand new meteorite hunting show on the Science Channel. The show aired to rave reviews, and people viewed the new show as fresh, new, and adventurous entertainment. Wow! Meteorite hunting… Whodathunkit? […]

Meteorite Law: USA

This is regarding the federal land issue, meteorite hunting, the law, mining, and other land issues regarding hunting meteorites on public land. Below are two quotes from the Nugget Shooter Forum: Meteorite Hunting & Collecting – Meteorite Law which is being discussed at length and I wanted to write about. This is a hot topic […]

Hot Rocks!

Attention treasure hunters! STOP!!! You may be throwing away meteorites! Don’t throw away hot rocks until you check them and verify they are not meteorites. Those of you who hunt gold nuggets and relics in the deserts of the southwest, Alaska, or anywhere for that matter have run across pesky hot rocks. Highly mineralized rocks […]

Titanic Asteroid Scars Jupiter

On July 19th 2009 a massive asteroid the size of the Titanic slammed Jupiter, scarring it’s surface, leaving scientists and astronomers with a beautiful aftermath which reminds us of the dangers of the invisible threats which orbit our Sun. Asteroids this size, if they impact Earth in a populated area, would cause devastation such that […]

Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine: January Cover!

Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine has released a sneak peek of January’s cover, inspired by Metallica’s “Black” album. In this issue, Planetary Defense: Protecting Earth From Killer Asteroids, Meteorite Hunting: New Meteorite Hunters, Worldwide Meteorite Falls: How many meteorites fall and where? and much more.

Huge Fireball Seen Across 6 States [VIDEO]

Meteorites Wanted

We might have our first meteorite fall of 2011! You know, sometimes it’s just too good to be true… What are the chances a meteorite falls on 1/1/11 just a mere couple weeks before the Tucson show? 😉 Is it possible. Looks like this might be a meteorite fall… Too many reports of fragmentation and […]

Saving The World One Meteorite At A Time


Meteorites have taken the world by storm. Literally and figuratively. Meteorites are gaining popularity as more people are learning about the fascinating science behind them through television shows, internet dealers, and meteorite related blogs online. The most exciting part about meteorites (besides the fact they are worth money) is that more scientific fields of study […]